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Luxury outdoor kitchen – your new must-have

A swimming pool as a status symbol was yesterday, outdoor or summer kitchens, in which instead of grilled steaks and sausages entire menus can be prepared, are considered the new open-air trend - including technical gimmicks. When the weather is warm and pleasant, there is nothing more satisfying than eating a meal outside. In your…
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Zbären Kitchen in the penthouse of ‘Tour Odéon’

With its mild temperatures, a dreamlike se ing and tax bene ts, Monaco is a hotspot for super rich from around the world. e prices for luxury apartments reach gigantic heights. A highlight of the top real estate of the sunshine state on the Côte d’Azur is the ‘Tour Odéon’. e 170-meter-high skyscraper is the…
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Selected wines deserve exquisite home

Do it like the two-star chef
Andreas Caminada and treat yourself to a handcrafted unique wine cellar. Andreas Caminada makes gourmet hearts dream of his creations. e two-star chef serves his culinary highlights with selected wines stored in a wine cellar designed and built for him two years ago by Jörg Tobler. Tobler’s wine cellars are…
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Zbären – Individuality and precision even in the smallest detail

The Zbären family manufacturing business is steeped in tradition. Here, the owner family takes pride in designing all products themselves. Each kitchen is custom-made, its design as individual and unique as the customers for whom it is tailored. Such bespoke kitchens come at a price. Yet, like with a Rolls Royce you don't worry about…
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