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Facts and curiosities about the king of crustaceans

Surely you are one of the gourmets who love lobster and enjoy this delicacy in many variations again and again. But did you know that there is a ‘lobster capital of the world’? Admittedly, the small town of Portland in the US state of Maine has given itself this melodious nickname, however, not without reason.…
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Cheesecake – A lifestyle dessert with tradition

Whether Hamburg, New York, Paris, Athens or Cape Town, cheesecake is one of the most popular cake varieties worldwide. Everyone claims to have invented the cheesecake, everyone claims to know how to bake the best cheesecake. You can order it in gourmet restaurants, in-cafes, the business class of renowned airlines but also in motorway service…
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Selected wines deserve exquisite home

Do it like the two-star chef
Andreas Caminada and treat yourself to a handcrafted unique wine cellar. Andreas Caminada makes gourmet hearts dream of his creations. e two-star chef serves his culinary highlights with selected wines stored in a wine cellar designed and built for him two years ago by Jörg Tobler. Tobler’s wine cellars are…
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