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The Antique furniture market has changed

Cabinets, chests of drawers, chairs and tables in Biedermeier, Baroque or Rococo styles were sought after, and antique dealers asked for many years soaring prices even for average pieces. As a result, period furniture has long been regarded as a good and sustainable investment. But the market has changed fundamentally. The Rococo chest of drawers,…
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Filippo Pignatti and his successful Classic Car Fund

The Classic Car Fund was founded by Dr. Filipo Pgnatti – director of the Count of Custoza family office in 2012. The fund is a passion investment – designed with the enthusiast in mind to diversify any investor’s portfolio. Since its inception, the classic car fund has achieved a performance of +21 per cent. Filippo…
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Classic cars – Drag experts in confidence to avoid bad investments

The result of the Brexit- the vote on the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union (EU) – dominated the news in financial markets. The ongoing global debt issues, the economic slowdown in China and geopolitical trouble spots faded into the background. UK voters confounded expectations and the dire warnings of many politicians and business…
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