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0-400-0 km/h in 42 seconds: Bugatti Chiron sets world record

World record for the Bugatti Chiron1: the 1,500 PS super car from Alsace has accelerated from a standing start to four hundred km/h and braked back to a standstill in just 42 seconds (41.96). This is the fastest time ever reached and officially measured for this driving manoeuvre for a production vehicle throughout the world.…
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Series production of the Bugatti Chiron gathers pace

Up to 70 Bugatti Chiron are to be built in the Bugatti Atelier in Molsheim in 2017. The first vehicles are to be delivered to customers in the next weeks.On average, six months pass between start of production and delivery. 20 employees assemble the Chiron from over 1,800 individual parts in the Atelier. The world’s…
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