UAE Polo and Al Habtoor Polo win the semifinals of the Julius Bär Gold Cup

The Semifinals of the Dubai Open 2019 comes to an exciting end as UAE Polo faced Desert Palm on the first match and Habtoor Polo competed against Abu Dhabi Polo team. The first match saw both UAE Polo and Desert Palm Polo teams neck and neck all the way up to the third chukker closing it in at 6 goals to 5 in favour of UAE Polo. At the fourth chukker, UAE Polo created three-goal advantage as they scored four goals from penalty shots and a last second goal by Matias Benoit which ended the chukker at 10 goals to 7. Desert Palm was able to score goal at the last chukker from Bart
Castagnola but only to be offset by another goal from Alejandro Muzzio, 20 seconds short of the final buzzer. The match concluded with a final score of 11 - 8 in favor of UAE Polo.

Match Progression:
UAE Polo team: 3 - 2 | 3 - 4 | 6 - 5 | 10 - 7 | 11 - 8

Spectators who came to see the last match of the semifinals were not disappointed as the competing teams delivered an intense match. The first chukker had seen Mohammed Al Habtoor, patron of Habtoor Polo, score the first goal from the first line out and the team proceeded to hold the lead until the end of the second chukker at 6 goals to 3. Facundo Sola and Alfredo Cappella traded in penalties for either side throughout and locked the fourth
chukker at 10 goals to 9 with Habtoor Polo still on the lead. At the last chukker, Alfredo Cappella's goal for the Abu Dhabi Polo team created a tie which was broken by Hugo Lewis placing the lead back to Habtoor Polo. The team held on until the end and took the win with a one-goal lead, 11 goals to 10.

Match Progression:
Habtoor Polo team: 3 - 1 | 6 - 3 | 8 - 7 | 10 - 9 | 11 - 10

Photo credit: George Arbid

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