UAE Polo Team Claims the Polo Masters Cup

The Final Day of the Polo Masters Cup 2019 has seen the UAE Polo team lift the trophy proudly as they closed the tournament in a tight match against Bin Drai Polo team with a final score of 8.5 goals to 7. The Polo Masters Cup, a 10-goal handicap tournament is the second trophy of the Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series.

The Final match took off with a fast lead for Bin Drai with Andres Laplacette scoring 2 goals for the team. The lead carried through to half time as Bin Drai closed the second chukker with 6 goals to 3. The UAE Polo team had scored in a few goals on the third chukker with the Panelo brothers taking home the win with their consecutive goals and claimed the Polo Masters Cup 2019 with 8.5 goals to 7.

Match Progression:
UAE Polo team: Andres Laplacette, 5 goals

Mohammed Al Habtoor, Vice Chairman and CEO of Al Habtoor Group had awarded the teams of the Polo Masters Cup 2019. Benjamin Panelo was named the Most Valuable Player and Balada, ridden by Andres Laplacette, as the Best Playing Pony.

The Subsidiary Final was between AM Polo and Mahra Polo teams wherein both teams were at a tie by the end of the first chukker. Soon after, AM Polo had taken on the lead through the third chukker with a 4 goal advantage. The two goals brought in by Diogo Gallego and Pelayo Berazadi at the fourth chukker were not enough to secure the win, and AM Polo was declared the winner of the subsidiary match this year.

Match Progression:
AM Polo team: 2 -2 | 6 - 4 | 9 - 5| 9 -7
Top scorer of the match: Martin Gandara, 4 goals

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