Second victory for Cedric Schweri in Gstaad

What a incredible finale! The Hublot Polo Gold Cup has always offered high-class polo sports, but there has not beent been such an exciting and highly competitive final as this year at the airfield in Saanen. In the final, the teams of the defending champions Banque Eric Sturdza with Cedric Schweri Marcos Riglos, Nico Lopez Fuentes, Joao Novaes and Clinique La Prairie (Faris al-Yabhouni, Augustin Canale, Hugo Barabucci Gonzalo Bernal) faced each other. What the players offered to the more than 2000 enthusiastic spectators was more than a fight, it was a battle! Clinique La Prairie attacked very strongly to the point where one could wonder if the game was not going to be one-sided: “In the beginning of the game, we did not really play well, concedes the happy captain of Banque Eric Sturdza Cedric Schweri after the price giving ceremony. The other team started the game off very strongly and it began to look bad for us. But our team is like a good Swiss clock, it takes time to adjust, but once it runs, it runs with great regularity. ”In short, in the score, this resulted in a severe 4-1 after the first chukker with two goals scored by the one who would be crowned the tournament’s top scorer, the Argentine Agustin Canale (15 goals in the end, 5 average per game). Things got better in the second period, when Banque Eric Sturdza came back to 7-5. “We then started to speed up our game”, says Schweri. Notably thanks to Marcelo Pascual, author of lightning accelerations, brilliantly organizing the game of his team and scoring the two goals that would put the two teams to a tie in the last chukker. All there was left to do for Brazilian Joao Novaes was to conclude by scoring a 30-yard penalty giving Banque Eric Sturdza their second title: “Two successive titles in five finals, it’s true that it’s great, but I promise you that I will come back for a third conquest! These victories are the most beautiful because they are at home!” The final was preceded by the game for the third place easily won by team Gstaad Palace defeating team Hublot, 8-4. Pedro Fernandez Llorente scored four goals for the victorious team, while in the other team only Julio Novillo Astrada managed to score.

Photo credit: Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad/ Kathrin Gralla


Team Banque Sturzda (HCP 14)
Cedric Schweri (0)
Marcos Riglos (5)
Nico Lopez Fuentes (4)
Joao Novaes (5)

Clinique La Prairie (HCP 14)
Faris al-Yabhouni (0)
Augustin Canale (6)
Hugo Barabucci (5)
Gonzalo Bernal (3)

Team Gstaad Palace (HCP 12)
Marco Maximilian Elser (0)
Marcos Antinori (3)
Nicolas Antinori (4)
Pedro Fernandez Llorente (5)

Team Hublot (HCP 12)
Matteo Beffa (0)
Gerardo Consentino (0)
Julio Novillo Astrada (7)
Santiago Schweizer (5)

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