Daily Racing Form Seize 2018 U.S. Open Polo Championship®

Competing passionately for the most prestigious title in American polo, Daily Racing Form advanced undefeated into the U.S. Open Polo Championship® Final alongside the seemingly indomitable Valiente at the International Polo Club Palm Beach in Wellington, Florida. Matching Valiente goal for goal, Daily Racing Form’s powerful offensive drives held a consistent one-goal lead throughout the second half, effectively derailing Valiente’s clean sweep of the Triple Crown of Polo™, to culminate the season in a 10-9 victory.
Showcasing exceptional discipline and skill on defense, and securing two field goals for Daily Racing Form, Zenni was named Most Valuable Player. The first Team USPA member to garner a U.S. Open title the 22-year-old beamed, “for me it’s a dream come true, really surreal.” Best Playing Pony honors were presented to Milenaria, an 8-year-old dark bay Argentine mare trained by Javier Canton and owned and ridden by Mariano Obregon in the first and sixth chukkers. “It’s amazing, it’s the best prize you can get,” said Obregon. “I would rather have this than an MVP, because this is what you work for your whole life.”

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Credit: United States Polo Association
PHOTO: ©David Lominska/United States Polo Association

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