Snow Polo World Cup Kitzbühel – Bendura take home the win

An event entirely to the taste of the title sponsor Bendura Bank. Thousands of spectators enjoyed polo on snow at its best. In the final, the team of the title sponsor Bendura Bank with the players
Melissa Ganzi (1), Alejandro Novillo Astrada (8) and Tito Gaudenzi (3) defeated the team Engel & Völkers (Kutlay Yaprak (0), Augustin Kronhaus (4) and Adrian Laplacette Jr. (7)) with 10-6½.

Bendura Bank Captain Melissa Ganzi said after the match, “What a weekend we’ve had and this win really tops it off. Following our defeat to Engel & Völkers two days ago, we’ve been honing our team skills and the work really paid off today. We can’t wait to take this perfect trio to St. Moritz next!”
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Bendura Bank (12):
Melissa Ganzi (1/USA)
Alejandro Novillo Astrada (8/USA)
Tito Gaudenzi (3/CH)

Engel & Völkers (11):
Kutlay Yaprak (0/IRE)
Augustin Kronhaus (4/ARG)
Adrian Laplacette Jr. (7/ARG)

Corum (9):
Philip Sommer (2/GER)
Lukas Sdrenka (3/GER)
Patrick Maleitzke (4/GER)

Maserati (10):
Marc Aberle (1/GER)
Caspar Crasemann (4/GER)
Thomas Winter (5/GER)

Polo Club Kitzbühel (13):
Sebastian Schneberger (2/GER),
Hector Monserrat (4/ARG)
Valentin Novillo Astrada (7/ARG)

Bernd Gruber (9):
Steffi von Pock (1/GER)
Marty van Scherpenzeel (2/NL)
Eduardo Anca (6/ARG)

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