Zbären Kitchen in the penthouse of ‘Tour Odéon’

With its mild temperatures, a dreamlike se ing and tax bene ts, Monaco is a hotspot for super rich from around the world. e prices for luxury apartments reach gigantic heights. A highlight of the top real estate of the sunshine state on the Côte d’Azur is the ‘Tour Odéon’. e 170-meter-high skyscraper is the rst tower block to be built in Monaco since the 1980s.

The jewel of the ‘Tour Odéon’ is the five-storey penthouse that ex- tends over a gigantic living space of more than 3,300 square meters. It has spectacular balconies and a slide that reaches from the top floors into a giant hot tub. is property is the most expensive pent- house in the world. It goes without saying that such a property also impresses with exceptional kitchens. e Swiss kitchen manufacturer Zbären was responsible for their design, conception, and implementation. Designer kitchens of the traditional company from the Bernese Saanenmöser decorate chalets in St. Moritz, as well as houses of Russian oligarchs and now also the penthouse in the ‘Tour Odéon’.

The architecture of the ‘Tour Odéon’ presents itself ultramodern, extremely stylish and puristic. The five different kitchens of the penthouse should also reflect this character. A show kitchen for the owners, a semi-professional working kitchen, a breakfast kitchen, as well as a kitchen for the staff and a room for the laundry; all with an independent appearance that fits seamlessly into the spacious room design of the penthouse, was the clients’ specifications.

For the Zbären Swiss Kitchen Manufacture team, which is well established in the top luxury segment, this represents a major challenge, which required numerous meetings with the Parisian interior designer and the clients.
Zbären set special highlights in the owner’s kitchen using exotic precious woods such as Tineo and Ziricote, which is especially known for instrument making, in combination with hand-polished high-gloss sur- faces. Wall coverings made of finely marbled light onyx complete the highly elegant overall appearance. e working kitchen is dominated by cool stainless steel in the kitchen cabinet area. is forms an exciting contrast to the work and floor surfaces in black onyx. At times, round shapes used as design objects break through the clear longitudinal lines.

The installation of the kitchens in the penthouse presented Zbären with challenges of a special kind. Helicopter flights with underload are prohibited in the Principality. us, the only possible way of transporting all kitchen elements into the 47th and the following floors was via the li s of the ‘Tour Odéon’. However, these are designed only for passenger transport.

From the first talks to the completion of the kitchens in the penthouse of the ‘Tour Odéon’, seven years have passed. “This is by far the most time-consuming project in our company history,” explains Benjamin Zbären, Managing Director of Zbären Kitchen Manufacture. “The ‘Tour Odéon’ project was a mammoth project that was exceptionally demanding in every respect and at the same time highly exciting. e expectations of the owners were extremely high but also gave us the opportunity to use all our know-how to work with the highest quality materials. With this project, we were able to expand our successful company history with an exceptionally attractive reference. Whereby I would like to emphasize that our individual kitchens are very diversified and that we realize all customer objects with the same passion.”

For more information: www.zbaeren.ch

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