Ellerstina dominated Allegria at Hurlingham

It was an incredibly emocional tournament at Hurlingham Polo Club. On one hand, Alegría had the chance of a life time, playing in a Triple Crown nal for the rst time in four years. On the other, Ellerstina were set on defending the 2016 title they worked so hard to get. The first half saw Alegría rise to the challenge and dominate the match. They were effective in attack and solid in defence, scoring at almost every chance they got. All four players were showing their best polo, and at two points in the match Alegría managed to claim a four goal advantage over their opponents (6-2 and 9-5). Ellerstina did what they could to surprise Alegría, but they couldn’t quite manage it.

But in the fifth chukker, Facundo Pieres suffered a hard fall, and everything changed. Lucas James came on, and what seemed like an uphill struggle for Ellerstina became a battle for Alegría. Polito Pieres started to shine, as did Ellerstina as a team. e conversions Alegría had banked on to claim their lead in the first half became missed opportunities. e tension grew until the last chukker of the match. Hilario Ulloa had a few clear shots at goal, but they went just wide. Ellerstina held their ground and managed to claim their second consecutive Hurlingham Open title in an extraordinary turn of events.
By David d'Hondt, Aires

Hurlingham Open final teams

Ellerstina (+39) / (+36)
Polito Pieres (+9)
Gonzalo Pieres (+10)
Facundo Pieres (+10) / injured, replaced by Lucas James (+7)

Nicolás Pieres (+10)

Alegría (+35)
Sapo Caset (+9)
Hilario Ulloa (+10)
Facundo Sola (+8)
Fred Mannix (+8)

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