Team Banque Eric Sturdza wins the Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad

Cedric Schweri and his Team Banque Eric Sturdza wins the 22nd Hublot Polo Gold Cup in Gstaad. After trying and getting very close for several years, the Swiss captain finally can claim the trophy. This 22nd final started out quite messy with multiple faults being blown but thanks notably to the talents of Marcos Riglos (MVP) and incredible goals by Nico Lopez Fuentes (riding the BPP), Team Banque Eric Sturdza turned this difficult final in their favor. Team Gstaad Palace claims the third place defeating Team Hublot in the first game of the day. During the first three chukkers, the teams were tied, but in the last chukker and within a few minutes Gstaad Palace scored three goals in a row, a gap Hublot could not fill, leaving the final score at 10-7.


BANQUE ERIC STURZA: 1/2 – 2/2 – 5/3 et 8/6

Team Banque Eric Sturdza: Cédric Schweri (SUI, Cap h0, 1 goal), Joao Novaes (BRE, h5, 3 goals), Marcos Riglos (ARG, h5, 3 goals), Nico Lopez Fuentes (ARG, h4, 3 goals)

RIVA: Mohamed el Sewedy (EGY, Cap h1), Patricio Rattaghan (ARG, h3, 1 goal), Marcelo Pascual (ARG, h6, 3 goals), Silvestre Fanelli (ARG, h4, 4 goals)

Most valuable player: Marcos Riglos (Team Banque Eric Sturdza)

Best playing poney: Sanducero, hongre argentin monté par Nico Lopez Fuentes and owned by Gery de Cloedt

Best scorers of the tournament: Eduardo Menendez (HUBLOT) et Marcos Riglos (Team Banque Eric Sturdza), 13 goals each

More about this amazing polo tournament in the October (29th) edition of Polo Luxury & Country Life Magazine.

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