Sleeping under water off the coast of Zanzibar or in a paradise on stilts

You love the water but don’t like cruises? How about a vacation on a floating holiday home? Supported by Secret Escapes, the Online Reservation Portal for luxury hotels and exclusive dream holidays, we would like to introduce you to this vacation alternative.

The Underwater Room at The Manta Resort is a floating room, which is detached from the remaining resort and located off the coast of Pemba, the second-largest island of the Zanzibar archipelago. Guests can sunbathe on deck, take a dive into the cool waters from the veranda or directly from the underwater bedroom, while observing fish and other marine creatures.

A thatched villa, only accessible via a walkway and with its own whirlpool on the veranda, a spa area with glass floor and a restaurant with local delicacies - everything on stilts and just a few centimetres above the turquoise sea. The Huma Island Resort & Spa is located on the private island of Huma, which is part of Palawan. This Philippine group of islands is located between the South China Sea and the Sulu Sea. 

Crystal clear waterfalls in a tropical jungle, the most varied of animal species and accommodation on floating bamboo rafts, surrounded by the River Kwai’s green valleys - the guests at the River Kwai Jungle Raft Hotels in Thailand’s Kanchanaburi will be sleeping in nature’s arms. All floating rooms at the resort are designed with the local Mon culture in mind and are built directly on the river.

London’s Docklands were once part of the world’s largest harbour. Meanwhile, navigation has been stopped completely and the abandoned buildings turned into exclusive apartments and business premises. The Royal Victoria Dock, one of the largest local harbour basins, is home to the permanently moored five-star yacht, the Sunborn London. The floating luxury hotel offers its guests the option of discovering the up-and-coming trend quarter of London from the water. 

Sweden’s capital city of Stockholm extends over 14 islands. One of these islands is Riddarholmen, a section of the historical city of Gamla Stan with its twisted alleyways and colourful houses. The yacht Hotel Mälardrottningen is permanently moored on the shores of Riddarholmen. The more than 70-metre-long ship and its 61 cabins offers the comforts of a hotel and a unique view of Scandinavia’s largest city.  

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