Park Place win Bentley Motors Royal Windsor Cup Final

Park Place confirmed their status as the leading 15-goal team in the UK after winning the Bentley Motors Royal Windsor Cup. In a thrilling game on the Queen’s Ground, Andrey Borodin’s team defeated Charlie Wooldridge’s Twelve Oaks 8-7. is win is particularly impressive as 21 teams entered this year’s tournament.An earlier match, for the subsidiary Mountbatten Trophy, saw a win for Maximillian Kircho ’s Armis Snake Bite. They beat Henry Porter’s GSA 11-9 on the Duke’s Ground.

Park Place (+15)
Andrey Borodin (0)
Nico Roberts (+3)
Juan Britos (+6)
Chris Mackenzie (+6)

Twelve Oaks (+15)
Charlie Wooldridge (+1)
Charlie Hanbury (+4)
Oliver Cudmore (+5)
Chris Hyde (+5)

Armis Snake Bite (+15)
Maximillian Kircho (0)
David Ashby (+3)
James Harper (+6)
James Beim (+6)

GSA (+15)
Henry Porter (+2)
Adolfo Casabal (+4)
Satnam Dhillon (+5)
Matias Machado (+4)

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