International Ladies Cup at PPZ – Team Champagne Jacquart took the victory

The international Ladies Cup is one of the oldest and most popular tournaments in the Polo Park & Country Club Zurich. 7 teams participated in two leagues at the 18th Ladies Cup.
Team Hato won the game for 4th place in the Challenge League against the ladies of the Polo Park Zurich team.
Subsequently, the teams San Francisco de Asis, Les Jolies Filles and La Tana Polo played round Robin mode for the tournament win. The ladies of the team San Francisco de Asis fought with a lot of spirit and a bit of luck and secured the victory for their team. Kira Wenzel (Team La Tana Polo) was honored as the Most Valuable Player in the Challenge League. Maike Hölty (Team Nespresso) was awarded als Most Valuable Player in the Medium Goal League

Medium Goal League
Champagne Jacquart (9)
Morgan van Overbroek (1)
Laura Fass (2)
Lucia Podesta (3)
Irene Gräff (2)

Nespresso (8)
Beate Pfister Leibold (2)
Ulrike Gambrin 2)
Maile Hölty (2)
Alex Plenz (2)

Challenge League

San Francisco de Asis (1)
Simone Burckhard (0)
Isabelle Rösch (0)
Belen Podesta (0)
Laura Vuille (1)

Les Jolies Filles (3)
Sibylle Grass (0)
Sarah Bond (0)
Aline Haerry (1)
Viviane Sauter 2)

La Tana Polo (1)
Anouk Marazzi (0)
Kira Wenzel (1)
Larissa Ehrbar (0)
Eliana Bleuer (0)

Hato (2)
Vera Kubik/ Anja Würmli (0)
Natalie Weibel (0)
Frank Vonholdt (1)
Cornelia Häufele(1)

Polo Park Zürich (0)
Christina de Mendieta (0)
Verena Tinkler (0)
Susana Jahn (0)
Daniela Grgic (0)

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