Fürstenberg Polo Cup – Team Octogone wins with a golden goal

The winning team Octogone: Mani Boni , Patrick Maleitzke, Federico Rosales, Marcelo Caivano.

Six international teams in the Medium Goal Class played to win in Donaueschingen. “The turf is on fire”, says moderator Alexander Schwarz about the atmosphere during the finals of the Fürstenberg Polo Cup. The Octogone Team wins 4:3 with a golden goal during extra time against the Trigema team.

The princely couple of Fürstenberg were part of the team of the main sponsor Berenberg and came third with a 9:4.5 win against the Pierre Lang team. Princess Dr. Jeannette zu Fürstenberg was acclaimed as “Most Valuable Player“. Prince Christian zu Fürstenberg summarised the matches as follows: “We can look back at an exciting, sportsmanlike weekend with fast-paced matches and hours of joie de vivre. We are already looking forward to meeting again at the Fürstenberg Polo Trophy during the CHI show jumping event.”


1. Team Octogone (HCP +6)
Mani Boni (0)
Federico Rosales (0)
Patrick Maleitzke (3)
Marcelo Caivano (3)

2. Team Trigema (HCP +5)
August Grupp (0)
Lukas Leibold (0)
Guy Higginson (3)
Juan Sarli (3)

3. Team Berenberg (6)
Jeannette zu Fürstenberg (0)
Christian zu Fürstenberg (0)
Patricio Gaynor (4)
Guy Schwarzenbach (+2)

4 Team Pierre Lang (HCP +4)
Mohamed Ndao (-2)
John Coast Sullenger (+1)
Manuel Lopez (+2)
Walter Cortez (3)

5. Team Bad Dürheimer (+6)
Beate Pfister-Leibold (0)
Raphael Oliveira (3)
Wolfgang Gambrin (0)/ Laurenz Gambrin (-1)
Lukas Sdrenka (+2)

6. Team Maserati/Gohm (HCP +4)
Edouard Guerrand-Hermès (0)
William Berry(0)
Ugolino Bourbon di Petrella (1+)
Alejo Badano (+3)

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