Rommy’s red rascals race to victory in St. Moritz

Rommy Gianni's Team Cartier won the Snow Polo World Cup 2017. In the Final, they beat Melissa Ganzi and her Team Badrutt’s Palace Hotel with 7-4. In the final of the runnners-up, Team Perrier-Jouët took its first victory - beating James Beh's Team Maserati with 4-5. The 15,000 guests who had gathered over the three days have been entertained by some outstanding polo, whilst off the frozen lake, guests have enjoyed, fun, laughter and outstanding Swiss hospitality. Read the detailed review in the net edition of the Polo Luxury & Country Life Magazine.
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Team Cartier
1 Rommy Gianni +1 ITA
2 Charlie Wooldridge +2 ENG
3 Chris Hyde +6 ENG
4 Dario Musso +7 ARG

Team Badrutt's Palace Hotel
1 Melissa Ganzi 0 USA
2 Jesse Bray +5 USA
3 Alejandro Novillo Astrada +8 ARG
4 Tito Gaudenzi +2 SUI

Team Perrier-Jouët
1 Fabian Bolanterio +5 ARG
2 Luca Meier +1 SUI
3 Lucas Labat +7 ARG
4 Fabio Meier +1 SUI

Team Maserati
1 James Beh +1 MAS
2 Joevy Beh +5 MAS
3 Chevy Beh +5 MAS
4 Garvy Beh +5 MAS

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