Zbären – Individuality and precision even in the smallest detail

The Zbären family manufacturing business is steeped in tradition. Here, the owner family takes pride in designing all products themselves. Each kitchen is custom-made, its design as individual and unique as the customers for whom it is tailored. Such bespoke kitchens come at a price. Yet, like with a Rolls Royce you don't worry about the cost – instead, you simply enjoy owning a Zbären kitchen that combines functional design, highest craftsmanship and sophistication, including admiring glances by visiting friends.

The Zbären Kitchen Manufacture is geared for a target group of high-end customers looking for the extraordinary. Often, the first contact with Zbären starts with the request to fit out a chalet in Switzerland with a Zbären kitchen. After the kitchen has been completed, the company often receives follow-up orders for kitchens at other residential properties owned by their international clientele. Currently, the Zbären team is producing a kitchen for a Russian customer.

Read the whole article in the December edition of the Polo Luxury & Country Life Magazine

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