Filippo Pignatti and his successful Classic Car Fund

The Classic Car Fund was founded by Dr. Filipo Pgnatti – director of the Count of Custoza family office in 2012. The fund is a passion investment – designed with the enthusiast in mind to diversify any investor’s portfolio. Since its inception, the classic car fund has achieved a performance of +21 per cent.
Filippo Pignatti, investment manager, permanently screens the realised sales prices for classic cars which periodically get reported by independent providers in order to assess overall market conditions for classic cars and recognise the formation of certain market trends.
Filippo Pignatti will be assisted by the investment advisory, consultant board and externally recognised experts in the field of classic cars.
The Fund will, under normal circumstances, invest an average of about 70% of the fund’s assets in classic cars; the weighting may be changed according to the reasonable opinion of the investment manager. In addition, some of the classic cars held in the portfolio of the Fund may be lent to museums, film studios, private exhibitions, etc. The income generated by such lending activities will only benefit the fund. The cars purchased by the fund will be transported and stored by professional, fully insured classic car-specific storage companies.
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