Degussa: Welcome to our Zurich and Geneva Showrooms

We look forward to seeing and serving you in Zurich and Geneva. Our entire offering is in stock and awaiting you. The choice is all yours: Our range is so extensive that you're sure to find the products best suited for your investment goals. We can also advise you if you wish to buy or sell collectible coins. And we'll be happy to buy your old gold or silver at fair market prices updated daily.

Our premium service offering includes safe deposit boxes in various sizes for you to store your precious metals immediately after a purchase. This affords you the opportunity to store your assets safely and discretely outside the banking sector. Of course, you are free to keep jewelry, documents and other valuables in your safe deposit box as you see fit.

Visit to view our entire offering, learn more about all Degussa subsidiaries in Switzerland, Germany, Spain and Singapore, and browse our online shop any time day or night.

Degussa: Welcome to our Zurich and Geneva Showrooms

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